Happy Valentine’s Weekend everyone!  They’re doing an event in Marvel Strike Force to unlock Cyclops where you use Valentine marked characters in Blitz to get points and though most of the acknowledged couples were a given, they did have a couple surprising ones… like Deadpool/Spiderman and the one Calc noticed of Scientist Supreme and AIM Monstrosity. 😀

Caravan Stories also added in a Valentine’s event to go along with their 4 week long Lunar New Year event.  I managed to get my way through to the Hot Springs town finally as well.  Some more BS fights along the way but there were also a couple tactical ones that weren’t so bad once I learned the trick to them.

It’s interesting to compare these two games with how the companies that run them work towards fixing bugs and unfair gameplay elements.  FoxNext has recently been responding to customer pressure to implement alot of fixes and improvements to the game.  Sadly the same can’t be said for Aiming.  That said, I’m still playing both and mostly enjoying my time with them, but some of the walls can be really annoying when you’re in the middle of a good storyline that continues behind an insane battle.