This harkens back to an ages old discussion Fred and I have had about the pros and cons of teleportation over portal opening powers.  Are most teleporters just disintegrating the person and making a copy of that now dead person on the other side?  I’d much rather just open a hole between where I am and where I want to go and step through.

Just a few days ago, Fred walked by the tv while I was playing FN Festival just as someone left the game and was shocked to see their character drop dead and be poofed by the lil teleport bot which prompted us to chat about that old talking point and how it worked in FN Save the World.  Like when you send out Expeditions, they don’t teleport around, they gotta manually bring people and items back to the base. Thus, the genesis of this comic and Woosh’s disdain for being zapped around.

And in other news… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! o/