SRW, short for Super Robot Wars, is a strategy/tactical rpg series that both Fred and I enjoy.  Initially it was a crossover series including animes like Gundam, Mazinger, and Getta Robo, but the makers, Banpresto, took a bunch of the original characters they’d created for different SRW games and put them together into their own game series called Original Generations.  The first 2 of those games, for the Gameboy Advance, were even brought out in English for the North American market though they had to use the name Super Robot Taisen (Taisen being Japanese for War) for copyright reasons.  The most recent SRW OG game, Moon Dwellers for the PS4, had an English language release though not out in NA or Europe.  It had to be imported from places like Singapore.

I’ve always enjoyed the original music from SRW. Here’s Kyosuke’s theme music