Behold the world of Caravan Stories.  This is a free-to-play game Fred and I begin 2 months ago at the invitation of a friend from old WeSH.  Like many games of it’s type, it’s built around the gacha system of buying chances at random heroes and equipment but I’m playing it for free like I have past games shown here, such as Marvel Strike Force.  It’s the randomness of the paid-for rewards that always irks me with these games.  I much prefer the way it was handled in Marvel Avengers Alliance.  In MAA all the heroes and items had a set gold price if you wanted to buy them and you could earn gold from playing the game or just outright buy it if you were impatient or had the spare money.

This game has alot of intriguing characters and interesting stories as well as additional events that come and go to help add some spice to the adventure along with new stories or additional info on older heroes. Here’s a look at one of the announcement trailers: Caravan Stories

And here’s a link I found that shows the beginning of the game along with some lore for the world: Female Human start