This is pretty much a two-fold commentary on the BP system in the game.  It’s there to give you an idea of the strength of mobs you’re planning to fight or story missions that have bound battles you’ll need to fight in order to proceed.  The main problem is that the numbers really don’t mean anything.  You can win a fight against a supposed 50,000 BP encounter in under 5 seconds or you could be either destroyed within 20 seconds against a 7,000 BP fight or run out of time before killing all the mobs in a 20,000 BP fight.  (My BP is around 48k for my primary team & caravan atm)

The secondary problem of this BP discrepancy is that you fight street thugs and hoodlums that are able to utterly destroy a set of max level heroes AND their caravan without breaking a sweat… which really throws me out of the mood of the game.  A somewhat related problem is that some of these fights are only soloable, so you can’t even get help from friends or friendly strangers.  Some of these fights, I swear the programmers made a coding error and put the decimal one spot to the left or right by mistake.

Despite those flaws, I still like the game because of it’s art style, characters, and the world-building that’s gone into it, but I have to agree with Calcula that this might be the last F2P (and thus P2W) game I play.  BTW, do a search for Banefire in-game and try and figure out how much money he must have spent to get all those characters to 6 stars and 20k+ BP. ;X