Hello everyone.

Starting this month of December, I’ll begin posting the modified Lvl Up comics that were seen in the printed graphic novel.  There are a few books left over from the kickstarter, so folks who are interested in one of them should contact me here if they’d like to purchase it.  Some of the strips remain as-is, but most have had an additional panel added to them as a bonus for the publication.

In the coming weeks, I will begin posting the brand new comic, Lvl Up Xplorers, which is the followup to Fred Perry’s original Lvl Up comic.  Fred will be the artist for the comic but I’ll be joining him as co-writer.  Due to heavy demands on his time with the monthly release of Gold Digger and his adult-oriented Patreon, LUX (Lvl Up Xplorers) will be released once per week.

Hope to hear from both old and new fans and that everyone has a wonderful holiday season,

Michael Cox, aka Dragen